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Black Friday Sales on Pro Hockey Sticks and Equipment

Black Friday Sales on Pro Hockey Sticks and Equipment

As you know we work hard to bring you great deals all throughout the year. But why not join in on the Black Friday Cyber Monday is what we have for you:

1 - Every stick, glove, helmet, and pant is $20 off the sticker price

2 - We have an excellent inventory to choose from right now! 


3 - Special Offers from Verbero.  Gloves and Sticks at absolute basement prices.


4 - Special Offer on Sher-Wood. Pro stock sticks for $100 CAD, beauty ehh!

5 - Special Offers on STX NHL pro stock gloves and sticks for $110 each or $200 for the combo.



6 - CCM FT2 Team Stock and Warrior DX Team for only $150 


....and we know there are a ton of customers who won't look at anything other than a refurb, 2 for $129.99 #ThatsWhatImTalkinAbout

Available all weekend long (and Cyber Monday).  Online right here at the brand new, as well as in store at: 

The Toronto Showroom 

5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 37, Mississauga, Ont 


The Belleville Warehouse 

365 Maitland Drive, Belleville 

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