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Buying A Hockey Stick for Someone?

A Hockey Stick is a great gift! But shopping for one could be intimidating. We are here to help you through it.  

First off, try to find out the following information;  

1. What blade pattern do they like?  
  • You can find this on the front, near the top of their current stick, or send us a picture.
  • Ex. (P92 - Matthews)
2. What size / flex do they use?
  • Let us know their height and weight, or get the flex rating off their current stick
  • Height matters because cutting the stick can dramatically affect the flex rating. 
  • Generally, the flex rating is half of the players body weight
3. Is there a specific brand or model they want?
  • Today's top end sticks often feature the company that makes them (Ex. Bauer), the line of sticks (Ex. Nexus), and the specific make (Ex. 2N Pro).  We will help you through this process. 
Now Ask the HockeyStickMan and we will walk you through this!
Note: let us know its a gift and it can always be returned.....or get them a hockey stick gift card.
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