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Senior - Refurbished Hockey Sticks

Senior Sticks that have been used and broken at the pro level but are in otherwise excellent condition.  Repaired, and now the best performing $70 - $110 hockey stick on the market, and backed by a 30 day guarantee on the repair!

Refurbished Hockey Sticks

The most common question we get is "What is a Refurbished Hockey Stick?" To put it simply, refurbished sticks are hockey sticks that have been broken in the shaft and then repaired. HockeyStickMan sources high-quality hockey sticks from professional hockey teams across North America. Often, these players break sticks quite quickly due to the power of their shots. This results in a premium hockey stick with little wear and tear on it. Using SRS repair technology, we are able to repair the broken shaft and return the stick to its original state.

These are a popular option for our recreational players, as a shooting/practice stick, or as a back up stick. The flex, kick-point, and durability is all restored to normal and the stick is backed with a 30-day warranty.

Here is a quick overview to learn more about the the repair process: What is a Refurbished Hockey Stick?

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