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How Can I Find Good Deals on Hockey Equipment?

How Can I Find Good Deals on Hockey Equipment?

There's no two ways about it - hockey can be an expensive sport. It helps do find good products when you can. Here's a few tips on getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing hockey gear.

The Pro Blackout - Our bread & butter. The Pro Blackout line offers customers top end products at a fraction of the price. Made to our specifications in the most popular curves & flexes, the Pro Blackout is a great way to find a top-end product for a great price.

Retail Closeouts - We take pride in providing HSM customers with the best deals they can find. Sometimes this comes in the form of a retail closeout opportunity. Finding a retail product on sale for an unbeatable price is a perfect way to save money, without sacrificing quality or performance. 

Pro Stock - The name of our game. Pro Stock sticks offer customers the chance to use what the pros use, without spending nearly what you'd spend at places such as Pro Hockey Life. When it comes to stick specifications, you might be surprised that the pros like the same curves and flexes as your average recreational player. This means finding those same specs on a pro stock stick that you would on a retail stick, but without totally breaking the bank.

Used - As excited as we are to receive brand new gear from our 150+ partner teams, we get just as excited to receive used sticks and gear as well. Like any used good, condition can vary, so finding a near mint condition used piece of equipment at half the price of a new piece can again help you save money without sacrificing any performance or quality.

Refurbished - The origin story of HockeyStickMan. Refurbished sticks are how we got started, and we love to see that they're still so popular with our customers. Our refurbished hockey sticks were once broken pro stock sticks, fused back together at the spot of the break, making them ready to get back out on the ice. We prioritize refurbishing the most popular models, curves, and flexes, so you can be sure that you'll find a great stick for a great price when shopping our refurbished sticks.

We're always sourcing new and used sticks & gear from our 150+ partners in order to provide the HSM faithful top-of-the-line gear at an unbeatable price.

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