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Nice Moment at the HSM Showroom Courtesy of Canadian Olympian Brianne Jenner

Nice Moment at the HSM Showroom Courtesy of Canadian Olympian Brianne Jenner

We've always known that the HockeyStickMan Showroom is a special place.  Our dream of helping hockey families save money on the game we love goes hand in hand with the dreams of many of our customers: a giant store full of nothing but cool hockey gear and 1000s of pro stock sticks.  It doesn't get called Hockey Stick Heaven for no reason!

This week, we witnessed an extra-special moment in the hockey stick world, even by our standards.  In addition to our pro buy-back program where we work directly with teams to purchase sticks and gear (typically via the equipment manager), we frequently have players come in to sell their extra gear in-store. 

Being based in Toronto, we get a wide range of college/junior prospects, retired players, overseas pros, and established vets coming in with some sticks they don't need any more.  Among the players that come in to sell extra gear are members of the Canadian Women's National Team, especially since they have all been in town recently for the 2023 World Championship in Brampton.

One such player is Brianne Jenner, a local player and Canadian hockey legend.  Brianne has been to three Olympic Games, winning two, and was even named tournament MVP at the 2022 Games in PyeongChang.  Brianne has been in a couple of times to unload extra equipment, and is always a pleasure to deal with and talk a little bit of hockey with.

Brianne came in one morning this week to sell off some excess sticks and gear before the summer, and we were going through the equipment when a woman came in to pick up a Pro Blackout she had ordered for her daughter, Demi.  Brianne immediately engaged the customer in conversation, asking about her daughter and her hockey career.

She then turned to us, and asked if she could have one of her new HyperLite sticks back.  A second later, Brianne grabbed her stick and handed it to the customer, asking if her daughter might like to have it to use as a backup. (We love the Pro Blackout, but even we wouldn't be offended if Demi prefers the Brianne Jenner pro stock).

The customer was caught off guard - after all, how many times does one of the world's best hockey players gift you their stick while you're out running errands - but quickly realized who they were talking to and gratefully accepted.

With a few more "thank yous" and some friendly discussion, they were both on their way.  The lasting impression this exchange left on us must have been nothing to Demi's reaction when she got home from school that day and heard what happened to her mom today at the hockey stick store.  Demi sent in this picture of her with her brand new Brianne Jenner stick to help us share the story.

We are so grateful to be part of the amazing hockey community, and it is moments like this that remind us just how special our sport is.  For young players like Demi to have a role model like Brianne Jenner to look up to is so great, and we hope that her hockey career is just getting started - she definitely has a stick up for the challenge!  The fact that our store played host to this interaction is a point of pride; even if it means there is one less stick for us to sell.

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