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SRS Repair Kits

Refurbishing hockey sticks is where HSM began our journey. After many years and over 75,000 repairs using SRS technology, we loved the product so much that we acquired SRS. Now, we want to expand the popularity of these great solutions for broken hockey sticks and offer them for our customers and partners. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

~ Cheers!

How to Repair a Broken Hockey Stick

Step 1: Cut Off Damage

Start by cutting out the broken area of the stick. It is important to cut they damaged areas off to ensure the integrity of the repair area is restored.

Step 2: Install shaft-lock grooves™

This part of the process prepares the interior wall of the shaft for the carbon sleeve in step 3.

Step 3: Insert Styrofoam and carbon fiber aircore sleeve™

The two pieces of shaft are aligned in a custom manufactured clamp, and then a specially designed Styrofoam piece is lodged in the bottom section of the shaft (approx. 1.5 inches down). Acarbon fiber Aircore sleeve™ (which is approx. 3 inches in length comprised of 2 layers of carbon fiber surrounding a foam centre) is then inserted into the hollow of the bottom piece of the stick until it reaches the Styrofoam. The top section of the stick is placed over the Aircore Sleeve, re-aligned, clamped together, and taped (to deter epoxy leakage).

Step 4: Insert Resin

Resin and Hardener are then mixed together and poured down the inside of the shaft, effectively filling up the foam centre of the AirCore piece and conforming to the shaft lock grooves in a junior, intermediate, or senior shafts.  Thus, concealing the stick with an internal fix leaving minimal visual disturbance to the external shaft profile.

Step 5: 72 Hour Break

Time to relax...The stick undergoes a 72 hour curing period in a temperate room until hardened.

Step 6: "Snap-out" the Stick

Once hardened it is necessary to then‘Snap the Stick’, which requires the technician to vigorously flex the stick until the internal repair has broken away from the inner shaft and is floating freely within the hollow while the carbon fiber grips into the shaft-lock grooves. This allows the stick to maintain the flex, kick-point, and performance integrity.

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