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Hockey Goalie Pads Size Guide

Determining Goalie Pad Size Using ATK Measurement

The ATK measurement, which stands for Ankle To Knee, is the best way to fit goalie pads. To obtain the ATK measurement for a goalie, follow these simple steps using a tape measure:

  1. Stand in a comfortable position with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  2. Measure the distance from the center of your ankle bone to the center of your knee cap.
  3. Take the measurement on the outside of your leg, ensuring accuracy.

The ATK measurement is commonly used as the standard reference to determine the appropriate size of goalie pads that you should wear. All of our pads, despite a majority being pro stock goalie pads, are measured with the ATK format. There are 2 charts below: 1 for standard goalie pads and 1 for Bauer specifically.

Goalie Pad Size Chart

Bauer Goalie Pad Size Chart

What is Goalie Leg Pad Thigh Rise?

In goalie leg pad sizing, the plus 1 (+1) system refers to the addition of an extra inch to the top of the pad in the thigh area. This means that the pad's height is increased by one inch to provide additional coverage. Nowadays, most goalie pads come with the +1 sizing as a standard feature, indicated by a number followed by a +1 symbol. For instance, a pad labeled as 33+1 means it has a base length of 33 inches with an extra inch added to the top.

While the +1 sizing is commonly available, the advantage of HockeyStickMan is we carry pro stock pads, where professional goalies have custom pads built with options for +1.5 or +2 etc..

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