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Hockey Skate Size Guide

How to Fit Skates

As a starting point, most people’s ideal fitting skate will be 1-2 sizes smaller than their shoe size (probably closer to 3 sizes for women), but this is just a guideline rather than a firm rule.

For first time buyers, you can order relative to your shoe size, but it may be easiest just to get a proper measurement of your foot.  To do this, place a piece of paper on the ground against the wall.  Standing barefoot on the paper with it and your heel tight to the wall, mark off where your big toe reaches to at the furthest point.  Repeat this with your other foot.  You can use these marks to get a measurement of the length of your foot (in centimetres ideally).  If they are significantly different measurements, you may want to look into getting skates where the left and right boot are different sizes, but for most people they will be similar and you can just go with the larger measurement of the two.  Using this number, you will be able to find manufacturer recommended lengths for each skate size, like on the chart below that Bauer created for use with their skates.

Hockey Skate Size Chart

For many players, the width of the skate will be just as important as the length.  Typically, skates will have a width ranging from C (Narrow) to EE (Extra Wide).  You can see a chart detailing the most commonly available widths below. Most commonly these widths will be listed with the size (i.e. 9EE), and if there is no width listed it is safe to assume it is standard width (D).                                            Hockey Skate Width Chart

For more information on skate fitting, click here.

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