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What does Hockey Stick Lie mean?

To put it simply, Lie is a measure of the angle which a stick comes off the ice when the blade is flat on the ice.  Depending on their preferred skating posture and stick length, different players might prefer different lies to achieve maximum contact with the ice.

These days, almost every curve we see has been standardized with a lie between 5 and 6, so there isn't a need to worry about it too much.  For players looking for something outside that range, the typical options we'd recommend are our Blade 3 (for a lower lie), or Blade 7 (for a more upright lie). 

Overall, these differences are quite slight; 2° of angle per one unit of lie.  Lie 5 would sit at 43°, Lie 6 at 45°, Lie 7 at 47°, and so on (Lie 5.5 would be 44°).

Rather than tinkering with lie, we tend to recommend adjusting the length of your stick instead, which we find has a far greater impact on having your blade sit flat on the ice when you are in your preferred skating position.

On pro stock sticks, which we typically deal with, lie is not labelled, so we in turn do not list the lie on our sticks.  That being said, in 99% of cases, the lie of a stick will align with the curve.  Below is a chart you can reference to find the typical lie for any given retail curve.


Blade Pattern Retail Name(s) Lie
Blade 1 P92/P29 6
Blade 2 P88 5.5 - 6
Blade 3 PM9/P14 4-  4.5
Blade 4 P91A/P15 6
Blade 5 P38/P45 5.5 - 6
Blade 6 P28 5
Blade 7 P02/P5 7
Blade 8 P106 6
Blade 9 P14/P49 6
Blade 10 P19 5.5
Blade 11 P46 5.5
Blade 12 P90T 5
Blade 13 W71 5.5
Blade 14 P08 5
Blade 15 P30 5.5
Blade 16  P89 5.5
Blade 17 P71 6

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