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Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic - Pro Stock Skates - Size 9.5 Fit 1

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Wear what the pros wear!

New Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic skates from an AHL team. Size 9.5 Fit 1 with 280 holders and LS Pulse TI steel. 

The year 2020 witnessed the launch of the Ultrasonic skates, which have since emerged as Bauer's second-tier model after the Supreme Mach's. These skates have gained immense popularity among professional players and are still deemed one of Bauer's top-tier performance skates for elite athletes. The Ultrasonic skate is engineered to maximize the transfer of energy with each stride, thereby augmenting power output and enhancing straight-line speed. The boot of the Ultrasonic skate is universally acclaimed for its remarkable fit, accommodating a variety of foot shapes and sizes, and ensuring an unmatched level of comfort. Whether you seek to skate faster or unleash a more powerful stride, the Ultrasonic skate is guaranteed to elevate your game to a new level of excellence.

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