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18K Composite Extension

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Lightweight senior composite extension for your stick! 

*If purchasing for a 50 flex Pro Blackout, we recommend going with the Senior Extension, and really heating up the extension and shaft to be able to bang it in*

Sometimes finding that extended height stick in your specs is difficult and your only option is extending a stock height stick.

Not to worry!

With our fully composite extensions you can increase the length of your stick without sacrificing the weight of your stick

This lightweight senior hockey stick extension is made of 18K carbon, the same as any top of the line stick and is 6" in length offering plenty of height for extra tall people or those who just need a few extra inches.

Easy to install:

Heat up the glue with a hair dryer or heat gun if you have it.

Heat only until the glue starts to bubble and becomes transparent, the glue does not need to be runny and dripping down the extension.

Remove the end plug on your stick and insert the gluey end of the extension in the top of the shaft on your stick until the narrow part of the extension is completely inside the stick. 

Give the glue 10-15 minutes to dry and harden before using or cutting your stick. 

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