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Brian's Pro Custom - Used Pro Stock Goalie Chest Protector (Navy/Gold)

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This Brian's chest protector is lightly used by an NCAA goalie. All the straps are in tact and work as intended. There are very little signs of wear and a little discolouration. 

*This is a completely custom goalie chest protector without a real retail comparison, every aspect of this chest protector will be described as best as possible by our team of professionals below.

*This is a custom goalie item with no size written on it, although it was worn by a goalie who is 5' 8" and 160lbs and appears to fit like a medium.

Key features of this chest protector include: 

Multi-sectioned chest protector with wrapped rib protection- The multi section fit allows for increased mobility while ensuring the chest protector provides you with maximum protection. This custom chest protector features a widened rib cage section that wraps your whole torso closing those gaps between your arms and offering increased protection when sprawling for big saves. 

HD foam inserts in the sternum and spine - Extra hard padding in the form of HD foam, ensures you are protected in the most important areas allowing you to square up to every shot with zero hesitation. 

Widened shoulder floaters - Added padding on the outside of the shoulder floaters increases net coverage and protection. HD foam inserts sit below the main shoulder floater on the shoulder joint for added protection. 

Customizable fit - The tapered forearms and four point adjustable elbow pads create a seamless fit even with your gloves on. Every strap on this chest protector is designed to allow the goalie to create the perfect fit. Floating shoulder, sternum, and breast plate protection increases mobility and allows the chest protector to move with you as you stretch across the goal line. This piece also features a removable/adjustable breastplate and neck protection on the inner most side. 

HD foam inserts on the bicep and forearms - Closing those 6 and 7 holes, this Brian's chest protector has hardened padding around the forearms and biceps with a wrap around system that covers the triceps as well. The wide arm protection ensures increased net coverage and protection. 

High quality material from the custom goalie company - Brian's is known as the custom goalie company and offers a specialized fit and protection system for individual goalies at the pro level. Widely recognized as one of the best goalie companies Brian's is used in the NHL by the world's best goalies

This Brian's Chest Protector is all about mobility while sustaining an ultra protective layer to allow you to make saves with zero hesitation. Good enough for pro players, you can look no further for your next piece of goalie equipment at an unbeatable price. 

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