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The Puck Catcher

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Also know as as the Sauce Catcher.  This is the official net for all Sauce games!

The Puck Catcher is designed to store and carry pucks, but its so much cooler than that. It's great for small area games, practicing passing, and messing around out on the ice.

The Puck Catcher:

  • holds up to 40 pucks
  • has a strong, adjustable carrying strap
  • has a unique flip-down ramp for quick loading
  • has removable steel studs for traction
  • uses steel and heavy gauge mesh like a real hockey net
  • saves time at the end of practice or warm-ups
  • can be used in accuracy drills
  • is currently being used by thousands of teams across Canada and the northern United States
  • replaces those ugly and cumbersome milk crates and paint pails


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