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Blade 9: Bauer's P14 and Why it Might Be For You

No matter what pattern you are currently using, we at HockeyStickMan would like to suggest the P14 as an alternative for skilled players who play a sniper/dangler style of hockey.



Recently we have gotten in a lot of P14 Pro Stock options (Blade 9 on the HockeyStickMan website)... it seems as though it becomes a more popular curve each season. Bauer introduced it at the retail level a few years back as the P14 "Toews" curve, and CCM and Warrior have both also offered it at times, as the P49 and the W14 "Chara" respectively.

The P14 is best described as a small blade with a mid-toe curve and an open face, with a fairly squared toe. The blade is smaller in terms of length and height which is likely why we frequently see a max blade variant of the pattern preferred by pro players who want a little more surface area. This pattern is often compared to Bauer's P28 curve, although the P14 is little more closed with less of a toe curve and has the distinctive squared toe shape.

The P14 certainly takes some getting used to but players who use it to its fullest potential swear by it and will likely never change. This curve does require the player to have proper stickhandling and shooting techniques already in their repertoire otherwise you may find the puck sailing too high or hard to aim. This is mostly due to the open face and toe curve requiring the user to fire shots off the toe, especially quick snapshots.

This stick is great for raising the puck with ease when in tight around the goalie or under pressure. Those who love the P14 report it to increase the power behind their shots as well as the accuracy which is why people who use it well, love it so much. 

Overall this curve isn't for everyone but is worth looking into if you want a curve that compliments your sniper/dangler playing style. 

Check out HockeyStickMan today to view our collection of blade 9 sticks and decide if you want to make the switch.

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