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CCM Shaft Shapes on Pro Stock Sticks

CCM Shaft Shapes on Pro Stock Sticks

With such a large selection of CCM sticks in our inventory, we come across a lot of different sticks in a lot of different specifications. These specifications don't just stop at blade shape & size, flex, height, and grip. A specification that we see a lot of variation in is shaft shape.

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Players ordering CCM Pro Stock sticks are able to specify their preferred shaft shape on their stick. This mainly includes how square or rounded the corners of the shaft are, and how straight or curved the walls of the shaft are, along with the overall size and dimensions.

Though certain shapes may be associated with a specific retail stick, players are able to order the shape of their choosing with any build.  To the average player, shaft shape will make little to no difference, but for a pro dialled in on their specs, it might give them the edge they need.

The Traditional "T" shaft is found on retail Super Tacks sticks and features the classic boxy shaft geometry of squarer corners and straight sidewalls. This is one of, if not the most popular shaft shape, and was the shape for any old-school twig.

Another popular shaft shape would be the Countoured "C" shaft, which features more roundedness to its geometry than the Traditional.   Its corners and sidewalls are both a little more round, giving a narrow feel despite actually being slightly larger.

The Rounded "R" shaft also features rounded corners like the C, but differs with its sidewalls that "bow" inwards ever so slightly.  The "R" shaft is also smaller overall than the "C" shaft, making it really easy to "roll" in your hands.

One less common shaft shape we've come across is the Concave "K" shaft that features rounded walls that "bow" inwards at a more aggressive rate than the "R" shaft.  The corners of the "K" shaft are quite square, leading to a similar feel to the "T" shaft, but with noticably bowed shaft walls.

The "F" shaft is even less common, and the smallest feeling of any senior shaft.  This unique build is most similar to the "C" shaft, but scaled down to feel thinner.  In fact, we often have a tough time getting end caps to stay in "F" shafts given the unconventional shape.

The Intermediate "I" shaft would be found on intermediate sticks as its smaller in diameter and would fit best in smaller hands. This shaft is popular amongst female hockey players as well, especially since CCM discontinued the women's "W" shaft.  One of the unique things we see with pro stock sticks are senior height "I" shaft sticks with intermediate flexes - perfect for someone who has hit their growth spurt but still needs to fill out.

The Ergonomic "E" shaft was introduced on the Trigger 4 Pro and has come standard on the Ribcor series since then.  The "E" shaft typically comes with the Asymmetrical Taper, but we have seen "E" shafts without it, and other styles with the taper.

New for 2022 was the "V" shaft from the retail AS-V, which tapers towards the back of the shaft, forming a shape similar to the letter is named after.  So far, we have not seen a lot of uptake on this geometry from pro players, but perhaps it will catch on in the future!

Some of these shaft shapes are only available on Pro Stock sticks and won't be found on retail models, which makes HSM the best source for many of these shapes!

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