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HockeyStickMan Holiday Gift Guide

HockeyStickMan Holiday Gift Guide

Order before Dec. 18th for FedEx Express delivery before Dec. 25th.

Note: Some rural regions and Northern communities may not apply (but we will try).   

The Holiday Season is generally a lot of fun, but finding the time and money to source good gifts can certainly be tough.  This year I thought I would take the time to share the most popular products that we have been selling for the holiday season.  Our customers appreciate our efforts to provide high quality items at lower prices and we are able to source some cool stuff that might give you an idea if you have a hockey player, parent, or fan on your shopping list......


Pro Hockey Stick 

No surprise here (given that I am the HockeyStickMan).  My old man used to buy me a new stick every year for Christmas and believe it or not I can still remember almost every single one he got me!  Getting someone a stick designed and intended for use in the pros is both really cool and more affordable!

HSM Helpful tips: 

  • You will want to know what hand they shoot, the proper size and flex, as well as curve preference.  If you don't know you can ask someone, or take a picture of their stick and send it into us to help you out! 
  • You can sort by price on all stick collections for those with set budgets on spending!
  • Don't know the curve? Blade 1 is a safe bet. Don't know the flex? A good rule of thumb is half their body weight.
We are selling these like crazy! Simply put its a top of the line hockey stick for $119.99 - saving consumers hundreds of dollars compared to what you'd pay elsewhere for a stick of similar quality.
HSM Helpful tips: 
  • At this price it is worth it for anyone to try it out, but if you're buying for someone who isn't brand sensitive then this is an especially great opportunity!  
  • A lot of people buying these have been referred to us from someone else who bought and loved it. People like the idea and think its a cool concept. 
Three years in a row the Floorball "Trick" or "Zorro" sticks have been the number one product purchased for kids at holiday time.  I think a lot of youth hockey players have this item at the top of their list, and with them on sale for $59.99 (Regular price $89.99) we sell a lot of them!
HSM Helpful tips: 
  • I thought this might just be a fad three years ago, but kids get a lot of use out of them, and they are fun to play with while also developing creativity in your game. Given their popularity year after year, it seems like "Zorroing" and floorball are here to stay!    
  • Check the size guidelines and then buy the larger size if you are unsure. 
We sell hundreds of these puppies every year during the holiday season.  The fact that they are made from game used pro stock sticks makes them a great gift for coaches, parents, stocking stuffers, etc. 
HSM Helpful tips: 
  • Don't eat yellow snow 
The wooden BBQ scraper is the trendy new thing in it was only a matter of time before someone paired it with a composite hockey stick handle. 
HSM Helpful tips: 
  • We had a family friend that had to get surgery because of a metal BBQ bristle that was cooked into his food and eaten, ouch! 
  • Go with the safety set to add a bottle opener to your purchase rather than trying to open your brew with your teeth 

Hockey Stick Chair

Made from a variety of game used sticks from throughout Major Junior, NCAA and pro with top of the line models and custom colors. A very popular item for the hockey fan with a cottage or backyard oasis. 

HSM Helpful tips: 

  • Buy the chair and then request that we throw in the hockey stick foot rest at no charge. Wink. Wink.  

We are also very happy to have a lot of stock available and are currently offering holiday specials on many popular products. 

For More Holiday Specials Click Here

Order before Dec. 18th for before Dec 25th Delivery 

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