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Pro Stock Hockey Skates

Pro Stock Hockey Skates

Have you looked at purchasing skates from our site but weren't quite sure what exactly a "pro stock hockey skate" is? We're here to help! Similar to the manufacturing process of pro stock sticks, pro stock skates are made by hand in smaller batches, ensuring a more thorough production process.

Hockey skates can be an expensive purchase, so you want to know what you're buying and want to get your money's worth. Pro stock hockey skates come in the top-of-the-line models from manufacturers such as Bauer and CCM. With new retail models selling for $1,300.00 CAD before tax, and an upgrade to high end steel costing another $70, there is a huge advantage to buying pro stock skates from HockeyStickMan. Our price for that same model would be $999.99 CAD. Included in this price is high end steel, as a well as a complimentary sharpen and profile, a $45 value. 

With not all pro players wearing the most recent model skates, HockeyStickMan is able to source new-never-used older top-of-the-line models and sell them for a great price. With some models such as the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro or the CCM Jetspeed FT2 coming in at $699.99, purchasing brand new older model pro stock skates can be a great way to get an elite performance skate for a great price. 

Great deals can also be found with our world-class selection of used pro stock skates. In some cases, a player will try out a skate in practice and it just won't feel right for them, which is great for HockeyStickMan, and the consumer. With used skate prices topping out at $300 and a lot of used skates featuring only minor cosmetic blemishes, purchasing used pro stock skates from HockeyStickMan is a great opportunity to get an elite skate at a fraction of the price.

In addition to savings, pro stock skates can be found in custom colours and sizes you won't find at the retail level. With many people having two different sized feet, it can be beneficial to find skates in custom sizes to better fit your foot. For example, you can find a pair of skates where the left foot is size 9 and the right skate is size 8.5. This can be true for widths as well, with some pro stock skates featuring a standard D width on one foot, and a wider E width on the other. 

HockeyStickMan is committed to providing amateur and recreational players with top end products at unbeatable prices. Shop our site today to find your next pair of skates!

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