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The Blue Puck

The Blue Puck

If you've been at the rink recently, you may have noticed U8 teams practicing or playing with a blue puck instead of a black one. Let's take a look at why these are not only popular, but beneficial for young hockey players.

If you were to stickhandle with the black and blue pucks back to back, you might feel as though the blue one feels much lighter, and you'd be correct. While the standard black puck weighs in at 6oz, the blue puck comes in at 4oz. With the difference in weight being the equivalent of two slices of bread, it would make sense to question whether the weight difference really matters. 

Having both used and talked to players who have used the blue puck, the consensus is that it does a make difference to the player. The weight difference allows the player learn the proper techniques of passing, shooting, and stickhandling with a piece of equipment that is more appropriate for their age, strength, and skill level. Our belief is that the emphasis should be on learning the proper motions and movements of the game. If younger or newer players use equipment that is not appropriate for them, they can develop habits that force them to use the equipment the best they can, as opposed to developing the proper habits with the correct equipment. 

Putting new and younger players in situations that are more geared towards their success is always ideal. If that means playing on smaller ice pads and using lighter pucks we're all for it.

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