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TWIG SPOTTING: New Sticks in 2023 NHL Preseason


Seen in the hands of players like Cole Caufield and Hadyn Fleury, the Bauer Proto R/Nexus Agent is Bauer's newest weapon in the hands of NHL players. Unlike Nexus Sync and Nexus Geo, the Proto R does not feature the five-sided spine and instead is constructed with the traditional four sided shaft shape. With the Nexus 2N Pro XL being the most popular build amongst NHL players, we would not be surprised to see the "Nexus 007" code takeover as the most popular build.

Similarly, the Bauer AG5NT goalie stick has been seen undercover during training camp and the preseason. With a release date set for later this fall, we anticipate seeing this stick more and more as the season goes on.


If you think you've seen a ghost, you probably have. CCM's newest unreleased stick called the "FT Ghost" CCM's answer to the AG5NT line from Bauer. Although sightings have been few and far between, we have seen Toronto's Auston Matthews use this stick consistently in training camp and in preseason games as well. 









With the FT6 Pro and Ribcor Trigger 8 already in the hands of NHL players and released to the public, that just leaves the Tacks AS-VI Pro to be released. We've started to see this stick in the hands of a handful of NHL players, leaving us curious whether we'll see more up leading up to the release in mid-November. 



If you think you've caught a glimpse of the new Warrior Novium Pro model, the Super Novium, good on you! With a sleek, blacked out color scheme (which we obviously approve of), it's been hard to get an eye on this stick. 

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