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Alkali Cele III Composite ABS Hockey Stick - Senior

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Stick Specifications

  • The Cele III ABS Composite Stick was built for competitive outdoor players looking to bring high-end performance outside.
  • The composite and fiberglass shaft is significantly more responsive and lighter than traditional wood.  It's perfect for inline, road, or ball hockey!
  • The composite fiberglass in the ABS blade helps a ton by adding stiffness that pure ABS blades just don't have. This provides better accuracy, especially when playing with heavier pucks.
  • Rounded shaft corners and straight sidewalls
  • Mid kick flex point
  • Matte finish with no added grip
  • 59 inches in length
  • 615 grams 


  • RETAIL MODEL - HockeyStickMan carries some retail products that we believe provide the greatest value for the price. They carry a 30 day manufacturers warranty and come with free shipping. The Alkali Cele III Composite ABS Hockey Stick - Senior stick is HSM approved!
  • NEW STICK - This product is brand new/never used
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE - Retail sticks provide the most common curves and flexes to make sure your specs are always available to you
Below is a chart identifying each curve and what their name is under its respective brands. If you wish to find out more information on each curve, click the image.


We understand that often times you may need a stick right away, therefore we strive to get sticks packaged and sent out as quickly as possible!  We continue to make this our focus and continue to get quicker and more responsive.  If there are any questions or concerns we phone the customer right away. 

When your order is completed you will get a confirmation email with tracking information.  


HockeyStickMan is happy to service customers every day with shipping orders all across North America! Sticks are shipped using UPS & FedEx because the added reliability & flexibility of working with the two biggest couriers in the world helps  us get our customers their sticks as fast as possible.

Hockey sticks are kind of a funny item to ship, expensive to send you just one, but pretty much the same cost to ship 2, 3, 4 or 5. Therefore we charge a flat rate of $19.99 for Ground ($21.99 with Signature) and $29.99 for Express (within most areas of the United States and Canada).  


  • The flat rate does not cover the full cost of most shipments. 
  • FedEx/UPS does not go to some areas so we have to ship USPS or Canada Post.


To submit a warranty claim, click here.


Purchased from HockeystickMan online or in store

  1. One-Time Full Replacement Warranty - Retail model sticks are eligible for a standard 30 day manufacturer's warranty issued through HockeyStickMan. The full purchase value of the stick will be issued in the form of a HockeyStickMan gift card.
    1. Customers must provide evidence of the broken stick, either by bringing it to a HSM location or providing images of the stick within 30 days from purchase (or receipt of the stick in the case of shipping). Failure to provide evidence of the broken stick within 30 days negates any eligibility for a full replacement warranty.
    2. Photo evidence must include the following images:
      1. The entire stick
      2. The damage/break
      3. The serial number
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