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  • NEW STICK - This product is brand new/never used
  • DESIGNED FOR ELITE PERFORMANCE - The CCM Ultra Tacks was created to give players of all skill levels the very best performance 
  • DIRECT FROM THE LOCKER ROOM - Most our sticks are unused stock sourced from a Pro, College, or Junior team 
  • GRIP FINISH - Sticks are grip unless otherwise specified in the variant details


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      Where do we get our Pro Stock Sticks?

      We source our pro stock sticks directly from 150+ teams across different levels, including professional, junior, and collegiate.  Our focus is on providing quality sticks at the best possible price so players can use what the pros use.  The sticks are intended for use rather than as collectables, so we generally do not list our products by which player, team, or custom colours the stick was initially made for.  Pro players generally get sticks in batches of 12 and rarely use them all.  What you see listed on our site are new, never used sticks, unless they are otherwise identified as (Refurbished).

      See Pro Stock Collection | Learn More about Pro Stock Sticks

      How are we able to sell the sticks this cheap?

      Our philosophy has been the same from the start: minimize costs in order to provide the best quality sticks at the best possible price.  Though we have now expanded slightly from our roots as a family business, we still stick to that same principle.  With a small team and limited advertising, we are able to allocate the bulk of our resources to acquiring sticks, and do not have to factor many other costs into the price we sell at.  Many people think our prices are too good to be true, so if you won’t take our word for it, check out some customer reviews below.

      In order to keep our everyday pricing as low as possible, most discount codes cannot be applied to Blackout products

      Read Customer Reviews 

      How long does it take to get the stick if I order online? 

      In most cases, orders will be fulfilled and sent out within one business day.  We ship out of Ontario, Canada so delivery times will be relative to proximity.  Local customers may get their stick next day, and in most cases 2-3.  Shipping times are hardly more than a week to anywhere in North America.

      Read our Policy

      What is a refurbished hockey stick?

      To put it simply, refurbished sticks are hockey sticks that have been broken in the shaft and then repaired.  Every year we buy thousands of broken sticks from pro teams, of which roughly half of which are turned into refurbs (depending on factors like where the break is, blade condition, and specs of stick).  Using an internal shaft repair process, we are able to fuse the two portions of the stick back together.  Since our start in 2010, we have completed 20,000+ repairs, extending the life of top end sticks and providing them to customers at a great price.

      See Pictures and Learn More. | Watch Video on the Process

      Can we order custom Pro Stock Sticks? 

      No.  All the pro stock sticks we bring in are made for pro players and sourced directly from their teams.  We unfortunately don’t have any control over which models and specs we get in, though what is popular with our customers generally reflects what is popular with pro players, and our inventory therefore usually aligns well with what is in demand.

      Is in USD or CAD? is operated in USD in order to best serve our worldwide customer base.  Converted rates can be displayed using the dropdown at the top of the site, but all transactions will be processed in USD.   

      Canadian customers looking to shop natively in CAD can use which has a separate but similar inventory.

      How do I read the variant listings?

      We list our sticks in the way the we will gives the most useful information in the most readable manner. All listings include curve, handedness and flex of the stick.  If no more details are included, the other features are stock (including grip, height, blade height etc.) A typical variant might look like this:

      Left – P29 (Crosby) – 85 Flex (Blade 1)

      In order this means that the stick is left handed, a P29 “Crosby” curve, and 85 flex.  Because there is no other info included, you can assume it is stock height (60-61” shaft), with grip, and without a max blade.  Blade 1 would be what we call a P29 curve (more info on that below)

      A more complicated stick listing might look like this:

      Right – P88M (Kane) – 87 Flex/66”/Max Blade/Non-Grip (Blade 2) *Dressed as 1X Lite*

      In order, this shows the handedness (right), curve (P88M “Kane” – the M indicates max blade), flex (87), height (66” shaft), blade height (max), grip (none) and graphics (dressed as a Bauer Vapor 1X Lite).


      What are the different blade types?

      In order to make our shopping experience as simple as possible, we have categorized the 16 most common curves we see to make it easier to shop across brands that produce the same curve but call it different names.  For instance, Blade 1 would refer to a CCM P29, Bauer P92, Warrior W03, True TC2 etc.

      Many pro players will get custom curves that don’t fit in to our blade chart.  These curves are indicated as custom, and will often be compared to one of our 16 curves if they are have similar features.

      HockeyStickMan Blade Chart | Shop Custom Curves


      Is the inventory at your storefront locations the same as on the website?

      We operate two locations in Ontario, the Toronto Showroom and the Belleville Warehouse.  There may be some discrepancies, but generally speaking the inventory is what is available in Toronto, and the inventory is what is available in Belleville.

      HockeyStickMan Toronto Showroom
      37-5155 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, ON

      HockeyStickMan Belleville Warehouse
      365 Maitland Dr, Belleville, ON

      I got my stick and it was a custom color/logo or had someone else's name on it?

      All of our pro stock sticks are sourced directly from our network of teams.  They were all custom made for a specific player, and will almost always have their name, number or nickname on the namebar.  Some teams will get sticks with custom graphics such as logos or team colours added, which in our mind makes the stick extra special and unique. 

      Over the years we have had requests to include this information in the product listing, but for several reasons continue to be against it.  First and foremost, the additional labour required to upload sticks including Player/Team/Colour would be significant and the price point of the stick would have to be reflected.  Our mission is to sell the sticks as performance pieces rather than memorabilia, so though cool, we only mention differences that we feel will impact play.  Finally, we want to protect our teams and athletes as best as possible.  Many prefer not to have items listed under their name, and we always do what we can to respect their wishes.

      More Info

      Are all of your sticks pro stock?

      Though the bulk of our inventory is pro stock, there are some exceptions.  We are always keeping an eye out for opportunities to purchase in bulk to provide great sticks at excellent prices, so sometimes will pick up some retail models.  Typically all top-end sticks will be pro stock, with the retail models being value options.  Occasionally pro teams will have a few retail models in their inventory that they had on hand as backup sticks, which we would treat as pro stock.

      What is your warranty policy?

      Pro stock sticks are made and manufactured for players at the top level of the game, and were not initially intended to be sold at the retail level.  As a result, no pro stock sticks will carry a manufacturer’s warranty, and this is reflected in our price structure.  It is our belief that saving $100-200+ up front on a stick will more than pay for itself in the long run, especially as claiming warranty on a hockey stick is a notoriously difficult thing to do and typically will only last 30 days from purchase.

      In order to provide some peace of mind, we do offer what we call the HockeyStickMan guarantee.  If any new stick breaks within the first 30 days, we will offer a partial credit that can be applied to any future purchase from our site.  Refurbished sticks carry a full warranty on the spot of the repair, also for 35 days.

      We do have some options for customers looking to purchase a stick with warranty, such as the Bauer 2X Team or CCM AS2.

      More Warranty Information

      What is a “dressed” stick?

      Dressed sticks refer to sticks that are painted as one model, but are actually a different model. For instance, a Nexus 2N Pro “Dressed As” a Nexus Geo would look like a Geo, but with a 2N Pro build.  There are a number of reasons a player might choose to do this, but the most typical reason is the player has a specific stick that they really like and aren’t interested in using newer models. The manufacturer still wants it to look like they are using the latest release for marketing purposes, so they make their custom sticks with the player's preferred build and the latest paint job.

      When possible, we list sticks according to build rather than paint.  Some brands (ie Bauer & Warrior) print the build on the shaft, which makes it easy for us to make an accurate listing.  CCM builds are a little more complicated, and are printed on stickers that are often no longer on the stick by the time we receive them from the teams we work with.  For this reason, we always list CCM sticks as they are dressed in order to be as consistent with listings as possible.  If you are looking for a specific build code or want details on the specs of a specific stick, email and we will help you out to the best of our ability.

      What is your return policy?

      HockeyStickMan accepts returns for exchange or refund on any item that has not been used, taped, or altered.  Returns are accepted for exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt of the item.  Returns will not be accepted on any item beyond 30 days.  Initial shipping charge will not be refunded.

      Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and is at their own cost.  They can be shipped back to us at HockeyStickMan at 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 37, Mississauga ON, L4W 5A1, Canada.  

      HockeyStickMan will, in turn, cover the shipping of an exchanged item once the original has been received.
      HockeyStickMan will provide a prepaid shipping label only in the event that an error was made on our behalf.

      The curve on my stick is right but the blade is thicker/fatter? 

      A growing trend with pro players is the "Max Blade" where players choose to have the same curve depth, blade length, etc. but they choose to have a thicker blade.  The thicker blade gives players a little more blade for tips, deflections, face-offs, and more. It doesn't affect the look of the blade or the performance of your shot, stickhandling, passing, so each year more and more players are ordering their sticks this way.

      We previously did not identify sticks as Max Blade, but have recognized the growing demand and have begun to indicate which patterns are Max Blade by adding an M after the curve (ie P29M rather than P29).

      More questions? Ask the HockeyStickMan

      Blade Chart

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      Equivalent  Curve

      Blade 1


      Bauer - P92 - Matthews

      CCM - P29 - Crosby

      Warrior - W03 - Backstrom

      True - TC2 - Marner

      STX - X92 - Grabner

      Sher-Wood - PP26 - Stastny

      Easton - E3 - Hall

      Pro Blackout - P92

      Mid Sakic

      Blade 2


      Bauer - P88 - Kane

      CCM - P40 - MacKinnon
      CCM - P80 - Ovechkin

      Warrior - W88 - Gaudreau

      True - MC

      STX - X88 - Van Riemsdyk

      Sher-Wood - PP88 - Ryan

      Easton - E36

      Pro Blackout - P88

      Mid Zetterberg

      Blade 3

      Bauer - PM9 - Larkin

      CCM - P14 - Duchene

      Warrior - W01 - Scheifele

      True - MC2

      STX - X9

      Sher-Wood - PP96 - Bouchard

      Easton - E4 - Cammalleri

      Pro Blackout - P9

      Mid-Heel Lupul

      Blade 4


      Bauer - P91A - Staal

      CCM - P15 - Jones
      CCM - P6 Phaneuf
      CCM - P38 - Forsberg

      Warrior - W05 - Granlund

      True - HCR

      STX - X91

      Sher-Wood - P20

      Easton - E6 - Drury

      Pro Blackout - P91

      Heel Suter

       Blade 5


      Bauer - P12 - Kessel

      CCM - P45 - Tavares

      Warrior - W16 - Karlsson

      Easton - E9

      Mid Datsyuk

       Blade 6


      Bauer - P28 - Eichel

      CCM - P28 - McDavid

      Warrior - W28 - Gallagher

      True - TC4

      STX - X28 - Miller

      Sher-Wood - PP28

      Pro Blackout - P28

      Toe Giroux
      Blade 7

      Bauer - P02 - Kronwall

      CCM - P20

      Warrior - W02 - Lidstrom

      True - HCS

      Sher-Wood - PP05

      Easton - E5

      Pro Blackout - P5

      Heel Samsonov
      Blade 8

      Bauer - P106 - Richards

      CCM - P50 - Gagne

      Sher-Wood - P09

      Heel Jokinen
      Blade 9

      Bauer - P14 - Toews

      CCM - P49

      Warrior - W14 - Chara

      Sher-Wood - PP14

      Toe N/A
      Blade 10

      CCM - P19 - Nugent Hopkins

      STX - X31

      Mid N/A
      Blade 11
      CCM - P46 - Bergeron Mid Toe N/A
      Blade 12

      Bauer - P90T - Pro Benn

      CCM - P90TM - Tavares

      Mid Toe N/A
      Blade 13
      Warrior - W71 - Pacioretty Deep Mid N/A
      Blade 14

      Bauer - P08 - Crazy Ovi

      CCM - P77

      Warrior - W11 - Kremlin

      True - TC3

      Easton - E38

      Toe N/A
      Blade 15
      CCM - P30 - Panarin Toe Parise
      Blade 16

      Bauer - P89 - Eberle

      Warrior - W04 - Vanek

      Mid - Heel Weight

      Stick Height and Grip

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      • Regular Height is a 60" shaft (Approx. 66" total) 
      • Pro Stock sticks can be extended anywhere beyond stock height up to a 68" shaft
      • Extended height Pro Stock sticks are flex rated at stock height and above.

      Please Note:

      • All sticks come with grip finish unless otherwise specified in the variant
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