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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 is quickly coming to an end, and the holidays and long-awaited opportunities to spend time with family and friends are finally approaching.  The year began with little hockey being played, but fortunately things have rebounded and leagues are back up and running around the world.  We are grateful for the continued support from our customers that has made 2022 our busiest year to date.

As a family-owned business, the holidays are always an extra-special time at HockeyStickMan.  Growing up in small town Ontario, hockey season and the holiday season were one and the same. There was never a year when my favourite gift under the tree wasn't hockey related, and there was no doubt that later that day I'd be testing out my new item out on the pond.

These unforgettable holiday experiences are part of what we offer at HockeyStickMan.  Our small team of devoted staff is working tirelessly to ensure that orders are being sent out quickly and carefully.  With fast, reliable shipping on all orders, we can get the perfect gift to you in plenty of time, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Need help deciding just what that perfect hockey gift is? Thankfully we are here to help with that too.  Our team has compiled a list of some of our most popular gift ideas for 2022.  Below are some suggestions on gifts that we think would be ideal for the hockey lover in your life.  Whether it's an upgraded stick for the new year, a handmade hockey stick creation, or a little something for coach, we have just the thing for you!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, 

Joey Walsh
HockeyStickMan Inc

Pro Blackout Hockey Stick

For the fourth year running the Pro Blackout and Pro Blackout Extra Lite have been  the two top selling sticks at HockeyStickMan.  Even with our unbelievable selection of pro stock sticks, customers keep coming back to the Pro Blackout line for unbeatable price and performance... and the sleek Blackout look doesn't hurt either.

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Perfect for the grill master in your life, these barbeque sets are all but guaranteed to make sure your steaks come out a perfect medium-rare with pristine grill marks, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and all that good stuff.  Okay... maybe not, but at least you can overcook your steaks in style with these awesome sets made from game-used twigs.

Pro Stock Hockey Stick

We may be biased, but in our minds, the only thing cooler than a new hockey stick is a new hockey stick custom made for one of the best players in the world.  Shop our wide range of pro stock sticks to find the perfect specs for your needs, or check out our NHL pro stock sticks to see what your favourite players are using.

Hockey Stick Flight Server

You could drink beer, or you could drink beer served in the blade of a stick used in a professional hockey game.  Seems like a no brainer, right?

Pro Stock Hockey Pants

Pants are one of the items that we think our customers can get the best value on by buying pro stock.  Pro stock pants are tough enough to endure the rigors of the pro game, but are also lightweight to optimize mobility and performance.  Most of our pants will have a pro team's logo on them, which makes for a fun talking point in your beer league game, or your can throw a shell over to match your team's colors.

Hockey Stick Bottle Opener

One of our top "made of sticks" products year after year, the hockey stick bottle opener is the perfect tool to throw in your bag to open your post (and maybe pre) game beverages.  Maybe grab a couple to be safe, because you'll want one for the kitchen and one for the cottage too!

Xoro Trix Sticks

Every Christmas without fail, we are astonished at how many of these bad boys we ship out to be put under the tree.  Maybe we should have caught on by now, because these are the perfect fun way to work on your stickhandling, and it should come as no surprise that they are at the top of many players' list.

Hockey Stick Chair

When we buy from our pro team partners, we don't just buy new sticks, but also used and broken sticks.  When possible, we repair the sticks for continued use, but we still find ourselves with lots of shaft pieces that need to be put to good use.  My old man thought he had retired from the biz, but now he spends his days putting together kits of our top-selling Hockey Stick Chair - lucky guy!

Inline Skates

Roller blades?  In December? That's right!  Inline skates have become a key part of the year-round hockey player's training regime, to the point where they are very difficult to buy in the spring and summer.  Beat the rush and grab a pair now so you're ready to go on the first day of Spring.

Hockey Stick Snow Brush

It's that time of year again where hockey parents and players hit the driveway early to brush and scrape the car off. Our Hockey Stick Snow Brush lets you do this in style! Never again will you have to be late for early morning practice because you can't see out of your front window. Even if you're running late, at least you've warmed up with some stickhandling before you get in the car!

Training Accessories

The holidays are a great time to grab some new training devices to work on your game at home.  Some of our favourites are the Puck Catcher, and Kwik Passer. In fact, I set these tiles up in my garage so my boys can work on their clappers... keep an eye out for them to be hitting the show some time in the 2030s.

It's tough to go wrong with a HockeyStickMan gift card!  With a wide range of values available, you can pick the perfect amount for your needs, and our digital delivery system means they will be ready to go instantly.  Perfect for if you don't know what someone wants and you don't want to spoil the surprise, or if you know exactly what they want and it just isn't available at the moment.

Blackout Skates

Our Blackout Skates are the perfect gif idea for casual use. From recreational skating to a pair of pond skates, these sleek-looking skates will give you solid performance for an unbeatable price.  Give them a try on the pond this winter!

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    Thank you TJ.

    TJ Schiavo
  • Happy New Year,

    Are there any discount codes that can be used? I tried the 2020 code without success.



    Rodney Richard

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